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Most of these pics are from my favorite anime shows. Take a chance and look at some these, don't forget to be a watcher for them because these people worked really hard on their cosplays and/or art.

I know I haven't posted many photos of said cosplays. Most of them I have improved on and would like to have a few more photos done. Which cosplay would like to see more of? 

5 deviants said Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club
3 deviants said Naoto Shirogane(detective outfit) from Persona 4
3 deviants said Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no Prince-sama 1000%
2 deviants said Other cosplays that you would like to see




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6:38 am
Apr 17, 2014
12:39 pm
Apr 17, 2014
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Apr 17, 2014
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Apr 17, 2014
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Moving On With Life

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 8:05 PM
Welp, I've been on a D.Gray-Man kick for a bit hence the journal entry. I'm just freaking excited to cosplay Kanda OKAY?! XD

Ohhh, I'm back you guys!! A week ago, I smashed my elbow on my computer when folding laundry and in the process my computer turned off. I tried turning it on but it never did. Thanks to a few of my friends, they were able to fix it. So I'm back on my old computer. Sadly, my speakers are broken so no sound. Waaaaaah ;-; I wanna hear Ono Daisuke from the new Magi spin off series as Sinbad and returning his role as Sebastian in the new season of Kuroshitsuji. Not fair. Depending on how much it would be to have my speakers fixed, I'm gonna see about saving up for a notebook just for the sound.     

But anyways, on with more important things. Some of you all know I'm turning 25 next month and since I'm getting older it's high time I got myself a full time job and move out of my parents place.

Not too long ago, I applied for a flight attendant position for Air Wisconsin. It will be my first full time job. Turns out I got an interview there and I'm freaking excited. I really hope I get this job. If I end up getting the position, I'm gonna see in looking into apartments. When I do, I need two responsible lady roommates cause me don't like being alone. ;-; Sorry, no guy roommates. ^^;

I'm also in the process of finding a new car cause my dad just sold one of his vehicles cause he couldn't afford it anymore. We have about 5 people in the family that drive. It only makes sense that I had my very own car in my name. Sadly, Sebastian(my black honda accord) may go to my sister so she can drive to school. 

Now in doing so, there is an off chance that I may not get to go to Dragon*Con. Yes, life sucks and so do bills. So for those of you that I promised to see at Dragon*Con, I'm so sorry. BUT, I will be in fact at AWA. It will be my first year going and I pretty much know what I'm thinking of bringing.

Also, I wasn't at Shoubocon cause I had work. So for those of you that went, I hope you had a great time. I will in fact be at the Sakura Festival in my hometown and the one in DC. I can't wait to see everyone during my birthday weekend again. Haha it's hilarious when me and Lostdreamz82 plans random cosplay outings together during the matsuri weekend. I freaking cannot wait to see her again. It's all in the matter of who to bring for her.

For those of you who have voted of which character I should cosplay for the Matsuri, thanks so much for helping me out. Lolz it's a tie, go figure right. XD Since I won't have Aoba in time for the Matsuri, I plan on bringing Haruka Nanase from Free! I'll be with SoraKazuma as Makoto, Monkeygirl-16 as Nagisa, ZephyrDragons25 as Rei, and maybe Treekitty as Rin. I really hope the weather lets up soon so we can be sexy built men.

So anyways, that's the game plan for me. Oh, RaiinFaiiry and I have a secret shoot we're doing together to show off one of her secret cosplays this weekend AND it's a shoot during the night. Never had a shoot during the night out of a con before so this will be a fun experience, especially when we plan to shoot at a place that's haunted. :D  

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Katrina Miller
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States

Hey everyone, I'm Rurounichan. Welcome to my DA.

Sebastian FanGrell Stamp by AiselnePNWatanuki Kimihiro stamp by kurokimashinNaoto stamp by HybridAlchemistGil Hair Flick 8D by Bayleef-Let's take a photo! {Kuroshitsuji Stamp} by SilkyBunnythe road to kyoto by winged-lotus[ STAMP | TOKIYA ICHINOSE ] by BickslowFTAPH: I love Feliciano Stamp by ChibikaedeGareki by LinaLeeLI love Junjou Egoist by Blue-FishiesClear x Aoba Stamp by S-LaughturGakupoxLuka Stamp by Sakura1885Stamp - Lavi x Yuu by NyfalineMakoHaru -stamp- by IwonnKoujaku x Aoba Stamp by S-Laughtur

Don't be shy. Come and talk to me. I won't bite.

:facebook: -Cosplay Page


2014 Conventions

:bulletblack: Katsucon ; February 14-16 ; National Harbor, Maryland
-Racer Watanuki from xxxHolic Artbook
-Kevin(butler outfit) from Makai Ouji
-Gareki(red outfit) from Karneval
-Alibaba from Magi
-Tutor Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji
-Hayato Gokudera(school uniform) from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

:bulletblue: ROFCON ; February 28-March 2 ; Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center, Virginia
-Naru from Ghost Hunt
-Hayato Gokudera(school uniform) from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-Unhappy Refrain Luka from Vocaloid

:bulletorange: Anime Mid Atlantic ; June 13-15 ; Chesapeake, Virgina
-Senbonzakura Luka from Vocaloid
-Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji
-Kamijou Hiroki from Junjou Romantica
-Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder
-Hayato Gokudera(Sistema CAI) from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-Haruka Nanase from Free

:bulletyellow: Anime Weekend Atlanta ; September 26-28 ; Atlanta, Georgia
-Black from Kuroshitsuji: Noah's Circus Arc

:bulletpurple: Nekocon ; November 7-9 ; Hampton Roads, Virginia
-Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder
-Hisoka Kurosaki from Yami no Matsuei
-Yu Kanda(3rd Uniform) from D.Gray-Man

Note: Some cosplays are subject to change for some cons

2014 Cosplays

:bulletblack: Hayato Gokudera(school uniform) - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
:bulletblack: Kevin - Makai Ouji
:bulletblack: Alibaba - Magi
:bulletblack: Racer Watanuki - xxxHolic Artbook
:bulletblack: Naru - Ghost Hunt
:bulletblack: Haruka Nanase - Free!
:bulletblack: Hayato Gokudera(Sistema CAI) - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
:bulletblack: Aoba Seragaki - DRAMAtical Murder
:bulletblack: Black - Kuroshitsuji: Noah's Circus Arc
:bulletblack: Yu Kanda(3rd Uniform) - D.Gray-Man

These cosplays are my goal for the year!!!


Journal History

Photoshoot Schedulings


Upcoming 2014 Cons and Cosplays

Anime Mid Atlantic

-Haruka Nanase
-Aoba Seragaki
-Hayato Gokudera(Sistema CAI)
-Sebastian Michaelis
-Senbonzakura Luka
-Kamijou Hiroki

WIP Cosplays

2014 Cosplays

Aoba Seragaki - DRAMAtical Murder:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Haruka Nanase(Swimming Uniform) - Free!:star::star::star::star::star:
Black - Kuroshitsuji:star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Gokudera(CAI Sistema) - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Yu Kanda(3rd Uniform) - D.Gray-Man:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

Cosplays I've Done

:bulletblack:Hisoka Kurosaki - Debut: Nekocon 2006
:bulletblack:Saya Otonashi - Debut: Nekocon 2007
:bulletblack:Cho Hakkai - Debut: Nekocon 2009
:bulletblack:Tamaki Suoh - Debut: Nekocon 2010
:bulletblack:Yuki Cross - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:North Italy(Default) - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:North Italy(Gakuen) - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:Haruhi Fujioka - Debut: Nekocon 2011
:bulletblack:Izaya Orihara - Debut: Nekocon 2011
:bulletblack:Winter Suit Kamijou Hiroki - Debut: Ichibancon 2012
:bulletblack:Unhappy Refrain Megurine Luka - Debut: Ichibancon 2012
:bulletblack:Underwear Sebastian Michaelis Fanart - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:Tutor Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:White Rabbit Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:Magnet Megurine Luka - Debut: AMA 2012
:bulletblack:Ash Ketchum - Debut: AMA 2012
:bulletblack:Summer Suit Kamijou Hiroki - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Young William T. Spears - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Gilbert Nightray - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Yukio Okumura - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Soushi Miketsukami - Debut: Nekocon 2012
:bulletblack:Komuro Takashi - Debut: Nekocon 2012
:bulletblack:Luca Angeloni - Debut: AUSA 2012
:bulletblack:Casual Gray Fullbuster - Debut: Ichibancon 2013
:bulletblack:Harry Potter(Sweater Outfit) - Debut: MarsCon 2013
:bulletblack:Tokiya Ichinose - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Mikage - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Leo - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:LIW Megurine Luka - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Yatogami Kuroh - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Kirito - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Default Gray Fullbuster - Debut: Shobou Con 2013
:bulletblack:Spirit - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Demon Soushi Miketsukami - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Ryouta Kise - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Gareki(red outfit) - Debut: AUSA 2013
:bulletblack:Loki - Debut: AUSA 2013
:bulletblack:Naoto Shirogane(Detective Outfit) - Debut: Nekocon 2013
:bulletblack:Senbonzakura Megurine Luka - Debut: Nekocon 2013
:bulletblack:Gokudera Hayato(Blue Uniform) - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Alibaba - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Racer Watanuki - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Kevin Cecil(Butler Outfit) - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Kazuya "Naru" Shibuya - Debut: ROFCON 2014



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