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Most of these pics are from my favorite anime shows. Take a chance and look at some these, don't forget to be a watcher for them because these people worked really hard on their cosplays and/or art.


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Now and Then, Here and There

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 7:44 AM

    Wow, it's been since November the last time I wrote up a journal entry. I'm still alive on here guys, not to worry. I haven't been posting much due to school and visiting family but I'm back now!! Here's what's been going on.

School was hectic and fast. It's a 300 hour course that consisted of 3 classes: Cruise Line, Travel Agent, and Flight Attendant. My main focus was flight attendant of course. Over the course of my schooling, many FA companies, a few cruise lines, and 1 travel agency came to our school. If we wanted to go out for a position, we had the option to be interviewed by them. I was turned down by a couple of flight attendant positions and let me just say that it broke my heart. Seeing as this is something I felt passionate about doing. Not long afterwards, I interviewed for the Norwegian Cruise Line position as a back up plan in case I didn't get picked up by an airline. With that, I got hired by Norwegian. It wasn't something I wanted to do but I rather graduate with a job rather than coming out with nothing. All was lost for me and it was a couple of weeks before I graduate til Transtates and GoJet Airlines came. They were the last airlines that came by the school. So this was my last chance getting hired. I decided to go for GoJet only because they pay more and allows me to work on bigger aircrafts with 1 other FA. So, I got up early, put on a skirt, put on make-up, brought all of my documents, got on the bus, and prepared for the interview.  I was a bit nervous but at the same time, I felt confident. They told us usually they're pretty quick with getting back to people if they got the job. After the interview and as I was in my last class, a teacher called me and a couple of other people from different classrooms and was told to sit in the auditorium. This completely took me by surprise cause I honestly thought we were all in trouble but then I looked around and I felt it might have something to do with the interviews that very same morning. Turns out everyone who was in this room(including me) got hired by one of the airlines. CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE IT?! I'M GONNA BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT FOR GOJET! I've worked for 2 years to finally get the job I always wanted and I FINALLY achieved it. I was crying in tears and so was the rest of my family when I told them the news. Ironically enough, my training starts on my birthday: April 13th 

Here's a recent selfie of me out of cosplay, on my way to my graduation ceremony. 

After graduating with a certificate of perfect attendance AND being hired by an airline, I decided to attend ROFCON for Saturday night and Sunday. I got to see so many people there. Bless you all for coming up and hugging and congratulating me. I'm so happy to be able to see all of my nerd friends after 10 weeks of harsh reality. The only cosplay I brought was Izaya. I was planning on bringing Kageyama, but the weather was just too cold and windy. So I only cosplayed him on Sunday. Saturday night I was mostly chilling with my friends and celebrating my safe return and accomplishments. If you saw me on Sunday, here's a selfie of my Izaya cosplay. I also had a shoot for him too. Expect some shots coming back from that.

After ROFCON weekend, I did a private shoot for my school uniform Haru near the cherry trees. Bless my friend reikoheartsu for being the photographer. She's still a photographer in training but I think she's gonna go far in this industry. She took some fabulous shots of me at both Redwing Park and the Pagoda in Norfolk. Expect some more Haru pics in the future, 

Then after about a few days winding down, I went to go visit family up in Ohio for a week. I might as well see them now cause once I'm a flight attendant, I don't know when the next time I will visit. Plus it's been awhile since I last saw them due to working at the NEX and not getting the days off I wanted seeing them. 

Sadly, I will NOT be attending the DC Sakura Matsuri due to my training but that's okay. I'm just uber glad that I got the career I wanted. Maybe next year will be different. I would like to visit the one in Philadelphia. I keep seeing how beautiful the location is. 

-phew- Wow, that's a lot of information but that's what's been going on with me. Cons are going to be hard to attend now that I have this job. BUT, I will in fact be stopping by in quite of few places as a flight attendant. So if I stop by in your neighborhood, layover included, maybe we can have dinner, have a private photoshoot, you name it. Layovers usually last from 1-2 days depending on the situation. If you wanna visualize where I go, here's a map of the places GoJet travels to. I will be on either United or Delta flights. It is rather small but that's how far I can maximize it. Hope to see you guys in the neighborhood. 

route map

If you would like to follow more of my work, here's a few sites to check out:
Cosplay Page: Rurounichan Cosplay
Tumblr: Rurounichan
Instagram: rurounichan
Cospix: Rurounichan
World Cosplay: Rurounichan 

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Katrina Miller
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Hey everyone, I'm Rurounichan. Welcome to my DA.

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2016 Conventions

:bulletblack: Katsucon ; February 12-14 ; National Harbor, Maryland

:bulletblue: ROFCON ; March 18-20 ; Hampton Roads, Virginia
-Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!

:bulletorange: Anime Mid Atlantic ; June 17-19 ; Chesapeake, Virgina

:bulletyellow: Anime Weekend Atlanta ; September 29-October 2 ; Atlanta, Georgia
-Haruka Nanase(Winter Uniform + Water Gun) from Free! Eternal Summer OVA

:bulletpurple: Nekocon ; November ??-?? ; Hampton Roads, Virginia

Note: Some cosplays are subject to change for some cons

2016 Cosplays

:bulletblack: Haruka Nanase(OVA) - Free! Eternal Summer

These cosplays are my goal for the year!!!


Cosplays I've Done

:bulletblack:Hisoka Kurosaki - Debut: Nekocon 2006
:bulletblack:Saya Otonashi - Debut: Nekocon 2007
:bulletblack:Cho Hakkai - Debut: Nekocon 2009
:bulletblack:Tamaki Suoh - Debut: Nekocon 2010
:bulletblack:Yuki Cross - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:North Italy(Default) - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:North Italy(Gakuen) - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2011
:bulletblack:Haruhi Fujioka - Debut: Nekocon 2011
:bulletblack:Izaya Orihara - Debut: Nekocon 2011
:bulletblack:Winter Suit Kamijou Hiroki - Debut: Ichibancon 2012
:bulletblack:Unhappy Refrain Megurine Luka - Debut: Ichibancon 2012
:bulletblack:Underwear Sebastian Michaelis Fanart - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:Tutor Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:White Rabbit Sebastian Michaelis - Debut: AZ 2012
:bulletblack:Sailor Moon - Debut: AMA 2012
:bulletblack:Magnet Megurine Luka - Debut: AMA 2012
:bulletblack:Ash Ketchum - Debut: AMA 2012
:bulletblack:Summer Suit Kamijou Hiroki - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Young William T. Spears - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Gilbert Nightray - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Yukio Okumura - Debut: Otakon 2012
:bulletblack:Soushi Miketsukami - Debut: Nekocon 2012
:bulletblack:Komuro Takashi - Debut: Nekocon 2012
:bulletblack:Luca Angeloni - Debut: AUSA 2012
:bulletblack:Casual Gray Fullbuster - Debut: Ichibancon 2013
:bulletblack:Harry Potter(Sweater Outfit) - Debut: MarsCon 2013
:bulletblack:Tokiya Ichinose - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Mikage - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Leo - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:LIW Megurine Luka - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Yatogami Kuroh - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Kirito - Debut: Katsucon 2013
:bulletblack:Default Gray Fullbuster - Debut: Shobou Con 2013
:bulletblack:Spirit - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Demon Soushi Miketsukami - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Ryouta Kise - Debut: AMA 2013
:bulletblack:Gareki(red outfit) - Debut: AUSA 2013
:bulletblack:Loki - Debut: AUSA 2013
:bulletblack:Naoto Shirogane(Detective Outfit) - Debut: Nekocon 2013
:bulletblack:Senbonzakura Megurine Luka - Debut: Nekocon 2013
:bulletblack:Gokudera Hayato(Blue Uniform) - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Alibaba - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Racer Watanuki - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Kevin Cecil(Butler Outfit) - Debut: Katsucon 2014
:bulletblack:Kazuya "Naru" Shibuya - Debut: ROFCON 2014
:bulletblack:Haruka Nanase(Swim Suit) - Debut: AMA 2014
:bulletblack:Eren Jaeger(Courtroom) - Debut: AMA 2014
:bulletblack:Hayato Gokudera(Casual Wear) - Debut: AMA 2014
:bulletblack:Aoba Seragaki - Debut: Otakon 2014
:bulletblack:Haruka Nanase(Chef) - Debut: AWA 2014
:bulletblack:Black - Debut: Nekocon 2014
:bulletblack:Aoba Seragaki(Valentine's Edition) - Debut: Katsucon 2015
:bulletblack:Tsukito Totsuka(School Uniform) - Debut: Katsucon 2015
:bulletblack:Nobuchika Ginoza - Debut: Katsucon 2015
:bulletblack:Kageyama Tobio - Debut: AMA 2015
:bulletblack:Arakita Yasutomo - Debut: AMA 2015
:bulletblack:Shinji Ikari - Debut: AMA 2015
:bulletblack:Kurama(yellow Dark Tournament outfit) - Debut: AMA 2015
:bulletblack:Haruka Nanase(Arabian) - Debut: AWA 2015
:bulletblack:Haruka Nanase(50% Off) - Debut: AWA 2015
:bulletblack:Akira - Debut: Nekocon 2015
:bulletblack:Kyo Sohma - Debut: Nekocon 2015


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